Q: Is this a race?

A: No. Ride the Rivalry is a fun, social ride to be taken at your own pace and you may travel with whom ever you choose.

Q: Do I have to be an Alumni or Student of the School?

A: No. This event is open to everyone!

Q: How and when do I sign up?

A: Official registration dates will be announced a few months prior to the event. Same day registration is offered but not recommended.

Q: How are the trails set up?

A: Ride the Rivalry is similar to other regional bicycling tour events. There will be an established path and it will be a combination of bicycle trails and public roads. The roads will be open to normal traffic but assistance will be offered where required. 

We offer two distinct distances: 50+- miles for avid riders and 25+- miles for casual riders. The distances are based on well-established tours as the most attractive lengths for a safe and enjoyable experience. As a reference, Pelotonia has tour lengths from 25 to 100 miles.

Q: Do I have to ride to participate?

A: No. Concert tickets are offered separately here.

Q: Do I need to be an experienced rider?

A: No. We offer two distinct distances: 50+- miles for avid riders and 25+- miles for casual riders. There is no strict completion time.

Q: Do I need to attend the concert?

A: No. The concert and other social components of Ride the Rivalry are not required.

Q: What happens if I have an issue (flat tire) on the ride?

A: We will have support vans along the route and an emergency phone number will be provided to riders in the event help is required.

Q: Are concert tickets included in the price of the ride?

A: Yes, registration includes concert entry.

Q: Can I purchase concert tickets separately?

A: Yes, concert tickets can be purchased separately.

Q: When and where does my ride take place?

A: Click here to view our calendar of events.

Q: Do I have to raise money to participate?

A: No. Unlike many other charitable rides, Ride the Rivalry does not require its riders to raise money. Your registration fee has you covered!

Q: What is the ride fee?

A: The ride fee is $100 per rider (this fee includes concert tickets) and concert tickets can be purchased separately for $30.

Q: Can I volunteer at a Ride the Rivalry event in my area?

A: YES! Click here to go to our Volunteer page for more information.